our team installing a microstation d'epuration, sewage system our team installing a microstation d'epuration, sewage system
Supply, Deliver, Install Waste Water Treatment Systems,
                           Supply, Deliver, Install Waste Water Treatment Systems,                          

Mission Statement

Assainissement Services Ltd (AS-Ltd) are committed to delivering the exact service our clients want, listening closely to their expectations, providing information, taking a pro-active approach in defining their needs, enabling them to make an informed choice and assisting them from concept to completion of their waste water treatment project. We are also committed to acting with dedication and enthusiasm at all times in all aspects of our business, to being professional in doing our job, and to delivering a consistent, high level quality of work.


Provide product information to enable you to have a choice of treatment system.

Design, conception of your waste water treatment project.

Assistance with application documentation.

Liaison with the appropriate authorities concerned eg: Bureau d'Etude du Sol,          SPANC, Mairie, Communaute de Communes.

Supply and delivery of your chosen system.

Installation of the waste water treatment system deemed suitable for your land having received an '' Avis favorable"

Comissioning of your system

After sales backup and service. Service contract for peace of mind.

Areas Served

Predominately we work throughout France
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